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Using the Scoreboard

Hopefully the scoreboard is pretty intuitive to use, but here's a little guidance just in case! If you have any problems or questions or feature suggestions not covered below, feel free send me a message on my main website. I'd also love to hear how people are using my little site! You can also view and star the code on GitHub if you're interested.


Basic Gameplay By default, you are configured for a five-game match, played to 11 points, and you are required to win by two. Just click the button for whichever player scored until one player wins. This will bring up the win screen; just click the button to start the next game. Once one player wins three games, the match will end and you can start a new match. The game and match end screens will change the background to green and display a message about the winner.

Keybinds If you don't have the luxury of a separate scorer, each player has a unique keybind that works just like the scoring buttons. You can use a wireless keyboard or presentation clicker for much faster scoring. I built this so I could keep a wireless presentation clicker in my pocket and keep score on my iPad on a nearby table. By default, it uses the Left and Right Arrow Keys for scoring and Tab for making corrections. More on that below

Corrections In case you click the wrong button or push the wrong key, there is a quick way to make scoring corrections. Simply press the Correction button or bound key to enter correction mode. Now the scoring buttons/keys will subtract a point instead of adding a point. Then simply click the correction button/key to go back to normal game mode. Try not to mess up the final point since the game ends instantly. You can tell you're in setup mode because it will change the background to red.


You can change a variety of settings about the scoreboard in game by clicking the Setup button at the bottom. Setup mode has a yellow background. Anything you set will be saved to your browser for the next time you use the scoreboard. You can click the Reset button to go back to the defaults. Click the Done button to go back to game mode. Your settings will save automatically.

Player Names You can change the names displayed for each player. Just type the new names into the boxes on the setup page.

Changing Keybinds The keybinds are set to what I think are reasonable defaults based on my setup, but yours may be different. Click the Record Key button under the keybind that you want to change, then press the key you want to bind. It should show up in the box above, showing that the key was successfully bound.

Game/Match Settings Below the keybinding section, you can also change the number of points required to win a game and the number of games in a match. Note that this is the maximum number of games, not the number of games required to win. If you set it to five, then one player must win three games. This number cannot be even as that would allow a tie.

Questions and Comments

As I mentioned above, if you need anything send me a message on my main website. This page opened in a new tab, so you can just close it to get back to your game. Have fun!